Chess is not a sport: Why?

People have been debating over this question for a long time, on whether Chess is a sport or not. Everyone has their own set of explanation for this statement, where some people say that Chess is Sport while there are others who agree on the point that Chess is Not a Sport. I stand by the second statement, Chess is not a Sport! I have got some valid points that I would like to discuss out here, and prove the title.

It is not a Sport

Chess is not a Sport – Can I say that? How can I justify this statement?

When people start arguing about the statement on proving that Chess is not a sport, you will get to hear different points and facts. But all the points will only confide to the fact that Chess does not involve any physical activity, so how can you tag Chess as a sport!?

Is chess a sport?: A sport is an event that requires physical exertion, while Chess is more of a mind game which does not need much of your body movement or physical work in real.

Chess is a board game, which involves two players. The board is an 8 x 8 structure, making a total of 64 squares. Both the players start the game with 16 pieces, which includes the King and the Queen. The game is played keeping up with the rules, and if you could successfully make a move towards your opponent’s army, it will eliminate the losing team’s piece.

The final objective of the player is to put the other player’s King in danger and do a checkmate. Checkmate indicates that the King is trapped and there is no way to escape from your army. You have to work on the mental skills and make smart moves to keep the game on. There is no involvement of physical strength or any additional skill set needed for the game.

So, that’s pretty much simple to understand. No physical exertion – that’s never a sport! This proves that Chess as sport from mind sport has never been or it could ever fall into the category of sports.

While there are many of you who would debate that Chess involves mind game, and it demands a peace of mind. Peace of mind will only be attained if good physical health is maintained. According to me, that’s simply a weak argument!

One important thing that I would like to put up clearly here, by saying “Chess is not a sport I am not trying to decrease its value or importance in any way.” Just my point is that, you cannot give wrong titles to anything, Chess is not a sport. That’s it.

Let me give you another point, which proves that Chess is Not a Sport. Do you sweat during a chess game? How can you call any activity as a sport if it does not sweat you? Badminton, Cricket, Tennis, and many other sports, they will sweat you in hours. But what about Chess? You just have to sit and play the game by just moving the chess pieces from one place to another. There is no way you will sweat! Now, tell me – How can you still call Chess a sport?